Born in Alentejo (Portugal), where the rhythm of the land itself is followed, EcoDoEgo brings to light a different conception of club music production. Fábio Pires is the mentor. He was born in 1986 and currently lives in Castro Verde.

EcoDoEgo's project come up with the permanent and persistent growing seeds of imagination and creativity planted since the turn of the new century. 
Self-taught in the art of composition, Fábio explores the base style house, the performances range from sounds deep, tech, funky, nu disco & soul, traveling up to the latest trends in electronic music classics. As freelancer producer EcoDoEgo has several edits and remixes of various artists, as well as originals.
The constant curiosity and hunger for knowledge turns EcoDoEgo's creations into a rising state of harmony in the flow of "club" music.

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