We are always waiting for Your demos and happy to listen to all of Your stuffs!


Before You send Your material please make sure:


-You send the full track in 320kbps quality;
-You put Your contact details in the file name or in id3 tag of Your track;
-You do not send preview or unfinished production, only full version;
-You send the best possible version/mixdown;
-You do not send the track shown to us to any other label;
-You send something which is not far off our label's established sound;
-You have got all the project files of Your track for the future.


These instructions are pretty important, please keep to them otherwise we will not be able to accept Your demos!

Please enter the code:

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

We listen to all the incoming stuffs recieved but unfortunatelly we are not able to reply to every single submission with feedback. Take it as read that iBounce Records contacts You if we are interested in releasing. This might be a bit weird, cold or rude but we are recieving a huge amount of tracks and the iBounce Records thing takes up all our time as it is. Please be patient if You hear nothing back. We still love to get Your demos! Keep up!